HYPERTECH, as part of a pan-European consortium, has been recently awarded with a service contract to deliver the ESPON European and Macro-regional Territorial Monitoring Tool (EMTM Tool).

The aim of this contract is to develop a practical and operational tool to continuously observe the development trends and patterns taking place in Europe, its macro-regions (Adriatic-Ionian, Alpine, Baltic Sea, Danube), regions and cities. The tool will support European, macro-regional, national and regional policy makers and other stakeholders with territorial information, data, analytical features and short reports. By reading and interpreting the quantitative statistical information in the light of policy objectives and aims, the EMTM Tool shall help policy makers to monitor development trends and policy performance, identify development opportunities and territorial challenges, as well as better understand the diversity and position (benchmarking) of regions and cities in the heterogeneous European context.

HYPERTECH is responsible for the development of a simple and highly communicative front-end web interface for the EMTM tool, providing an interactive user experience and offering a collection of dashboards, methods and algorithms for the analysis and interactive visualization of different types of data. These dashboards will present relevant information in the form of maps and graphs and provide interactive visual exploration tools to assist in the identification of patterns in the data.

A first demo version of the EMTM Tool was presented in two recent events:

A relevant video is available at ESPON’s YouTube channel, presenting an overview of this service contract (at 51:00) and a live demo of the draft EMTM tool (at 59:50).