HYPERTECH, as a subcontractor of TREK Consulting successfully completed an important project for the educational and scientific community: the creation of a public digital library providing open access to historical school textbooks used in the educational process from the 19th century till the early 1980s.

The project contained the following primary activities:

  • Cataloguing, digitization and scientific documentation of approximately 6.000 school textbooks numbering more than 1.000.000 pages in total
  • Digitization of the accompanied curricula of the same period, which include the objectives and priorities of the education policy adopted by the Greek State
  • Adoption of widely accepted and interoperable metadata standards to ensure viability and extensibility of the produced content
  • Effective management and projection of the scientific documentation and its corresponding digitized content


The digital library offers open access to school teachers, academic staff, researchers and the general public through a plethora of services:

  • Personalized navigation and advanced search facilities providing visitors with the ability to explore how the educational process has evolved throughout the years
  • Interactive timeline illustrating the most representative textbooks taught in Greek schools since the establishment of the Greek State
  • Serious games for students of primary and secondary education
  • Guidelines and proposed activities for school teachers to optimally utilize the digitized collection inside the class
  • Responsive web layout and native mobile apps for Android and iOS environments

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The project was assigned by the Institute of Educational Policy (IEP) and HYPERTECH acted as IT subcontractor to TREK Consulting.

The digital library is now available at the following address: http://elibrary.iep.edu.gr/