The Energy Labs of HYPERTECH specialize in offering ICT solutions for the Smart Grid of the future. They provide intelligent, flexible solutions for small and medium-sized electricity consumers and integrated solutions for electric utilities and service providers (e.g. aggregators) in the field of demand management. Our business strategy includes Research and Development of advanced technologies, to create a full suite of solutions and products appealing to everyone involved in the electricity market, namely:

  • Solutions for consumers: Tools for creating detailed consumption profiles (consumer profiling), personalized billing reports (informative billing) and innovative solutions for building automation and power-to-heat (thermal storage) in typical water heating and space heating devices.
  • Solutions for public agencies and business/ industrial consumers: Multi-parametric solutions to optimize energy consumption without compromising business performance targets (enterprise performance and sustainability), analysis and real-time monitoring of power consumption data (billing analysis, monitoring and optimization), along with energy consumption forecasting and reporting tools.
  • Solutions for utilities and energy services companies: Tools for analysing consumer portfolios and shaping optimized billing strategies, innovative solutions for forecasting and management of electricity demand, electricity trading optimization and risk management and cutting-edge solutions for ensuring semantic interoperability between infrastructure/ devices/ systems of the Smart Grid, adopting the approach of the Internet of Things (cloud and standards-based services - "Internet of the Grid").

HYPERTECH Energy Labs have been actively involved in EU Funded R&D programmes since their establishment, in 2010.

For more information about the activities of the HYPERTECH Energy Labs, you can visit the dedicated website of the unit.