HYPERTECH Energy Labs have been awarded a new R&D contract from the European Commission (Project: D^2EPC: Next-generation Dynamic Digital EPCs for Enhanced Quality and User Awareness)

D^2EPC aspires to deliver the next-generation of dynamic EPCs for the operational and regular assessment of buildings energy performance through a set of cutting-edge digital design and monitoring tools and services. D^2EPC relies upon and adjusts accordingly to the smart-readiness level of the buildings and the corresponding data collection infrastructure and management systems. It subsequently builds upon actual data and the ‘digital twin’ concept to calculate energy, environmental, financial and human comfort indicators and through them the EPC classification of the building in question. In this context, D^2EPC will be based on Level 3 6D-BIM literacy, integrating smart meters, actual performance-related data and activities profiling into the buildings’ digital twins. The proposed scheme will provide sufficient background for the redefinition of EPC related policies, through regular benchmarking and upgrade of the reference buildings, as well as with the integration of geolocation and “polluter pay” practices into the EPC rationale.

Hypertech Energy Labs constitute a leading member of an international consortium of renowned academic and industrial partners, led by Ethniko Kentro Erevnas kai Techologikis Anaptyxis and actively involving Kauno Technologijos Universitetas (Lithuania), Geosystems Hellas IT kai Efarmoges Geopliroforiakon Systimaton Anonimi Etaireia (Greece), Cleopa GMBH and Senercon GMBH (Germany), Demo Consultants BV (Netherlands), Asociacion Espanola de Normalizacion and SGS Tecnos SA (Spain), Austrian Standards International and Osterreichische Energieagentur Austrian Energy Agency (Austria) and Frederick Research center (Cyprus).

Hypertech will be responsible for the elicitation of indicators that impact the overall dynamic building performance from the user’s comfort and wellbeing point of view and for the deploying the entire IoT framework that is responsible for information collection from the building towards dynamic EPCs through a non-intrusive performance measurement and monitoring, leveraging on its existing Hypertech Gateway. Further to that, Hypertech will undertake the activities for extending the D^2EPC digital platform with the performance benchmarking tool and verification and credibility tool under one integrated toolkit. It will also have major participation in the scheme’s definition and the design of the platform’s architecture and modules’ specifications, and will be involved in the SRI indicators and information model. Additionally, Hypertech will contribute to the design of the added value services suite and the overall components’ integration and will support the demonstration activities and the evaluation of project’s results. Finally, it will be involved in dissemination and exploitation activities and technical management

D^2EPC is a project co-funded by the European Commission under the H2020 Programme/ Topic: LC-SC3-EE-5-2018-2019-2020. The project has officially been launched on September 1st 2020, its duration is 36 months and it has a total budget of €2.9M.

The implementation of the proposed project is also anticipated to foster the energy saving consciousness of buildings’ users, through their regular information on the actual energy performance of their buildings and suitable incentivisation. The proposed D^2EPC scheme is expected to transform EPCs into a user-friendly, reliable and costeffective informative tool for both the wide public (building users, occupants, owners, etc.) and professionals (building managers, engineers, designers, etc.), as well as to establish the grounds for turning EPCs registries into consistent policy feeding mechanisms.